About Us

Everything a Girl Wants

Flawless Style, Impeccable Service! Whether your style is feminine chic, classic or effortlessly simple, Everything A Girl Wants is your sharp eye for Trending Fashion!

EGW launched in 2019 when it's founder, Jennifer Echazabal, decided to share her love for fashion with more than just her family and friends, but with the entire nation.  Based out of sunny South Florida, EGW is primarily influenced by delightful fabrics, exquisite colors, and an enticing variety of beautiful hand-picked pieces … Everything A Girl Wants! From their Sexy Summer Collections to their Sultry Nights out in the Town selections, Everything A Girl Wants has
the perfect swoon worthy outfit for your occasion.

Shopping for obsession-worthy clothes, is no longer an in store must. EGW offers sophisticated modern styles we know you'll love. We invest in superior finishes to make your purchase a true representation of affordable luxury.

At Everything A Girl Wants it is our mission to create a welcoming and memorable shopping experience, we hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we do!